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Oct 10, 2016
Aug 13, 2011
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Nov 2, 1964 (Age: 51)
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Basingstoke, UK
Chained to a PC night and day Game Developer

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, Male, 51, from Basingstoke, UK

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Oct 10, 2016
    1. Coops
      Down with the Flu ATM - But still here folks coding away, just slower lol.
      1. James T Kirk
        James T Kirk
        you be careful that's nasty for sure.
        Dec 8, 2011
    2. Coops
      Struggling with the Flu atm but here.. :)
    3. Coops
      Lets see if anyone's reading : Send me a pumpkin in game (any) and get a free Prize!
    4. Coops
      "Vauxhal - Wrath' :)
    5. Coops
      This place always reminds me of an 80's TV show. I have to admit I even watched it :)
    6. Coops
      Man these festive guys look funny! and didn't they make a film about this place once ?
    7. Coops
      My AI is rather upset with me for burning all this fuel you know! But this is a pretty place. Worth the travel.
    8. Coops
      Got to admit these places used to scare me when I was a kid. But atm I'm to jump lagged.
    9. Coops
      Man this place has weird names and weird customs but certainly seems popular with us Terrans. Never seen so many settlements!
    10. Coops
      I'm only watching these things make me feel sick - No you get on I'll stay here :)
    11. Coops
      These Festive Centers are so cheery this time of year. All these lights and friendly staff all dressed up!
    12. Coops
      On my way for Tea and Cake with the new ECO test Driver!
    13. Coops
      Hiding out in the Sphere - Man that Anchor is one hell of a good idea. Who thought of that!
    14. Coops
      Weekly Maintenance Complete. Down time was a whole Five mins!!
      1. James T Kirk
        James T Kirk
        smile we going to see any new galaxies again next year? :))). keep up the good work you do an awesome job!
        Oct 24, 2011
    15. Coops
      Once again reviewing along week of coding and tweaks.
    16. Coops
      If my web stays UP for more than 12 hours at a time I'll get back to coding!
    17. Coops
      Unpacking the Grinder, blow torch and gaffer tape for another day at the code face.
    18. Coops
      Laying out his tools for a day at the Code Face.
    19. Coops
      Work, Work, Work, Slave, Slave, Slave :)
      1. UncleBod likes this.
      2. UncleBod
        That gives us something to do. Thanks!
        Sep 13, 2011
    20. Coops
      Doing the morning CE Rounds
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    A Walk in the Woods helps me relax and release the tension from a hard day at the code.
    The fact that I'm dragging a body behind me should be irrelevant!


    Nov 2, 1964 (Age: 51)
    Home page:
    Basingstoke, UK
    Chained to a PC night and day Game Developer
    If I'm about and you have a question fire away. If you need immediate assistance and I'm not here go grab a staff member via the in game Live Help (on the bottom tool bar)

    Favourite Food & Drink Pizza & Red Wine